Hurt In A Car Accident? 2 Reasons You Should Talk With A Personal Injury Attorney

After being involved in a traumatic accident, you might be more concerned about dealing with your injuries and taking care of your family than you are about seeking justice. To let things settle down, you might be tempted to let the insurance company handle the situation, while you focus on other things. However, sitting around while your financial fate is decided might not work in your favor. Here are two reasons you should talk with a personal injury attorney:

1: Important Details Could Be Lost

The details of your car accident might be fresh on your mind now, but how well will you remember things a few months down the road? Unfortunately, if you forget particular details of your case, it might make things harder for your attorney to prove later. For example, if your case goes to trial, what will the judge think if you tell the story one way the first time, and then change up the facts a few days later? Forgetting crucial details could result in your entire case being thrown out.

Here are some other facts that could be lost if you decide to wait to talk with a lawyer:

  • Witnesses: As time goes on, witnesses can move away, change their phone numbers, or forget their side of the story. Unfortunately, if you don't have anyone to testify in court, your case might not be as compelling.
  • Photos: Those pictures you took of the accident might show the point of impact and the extent of the damage, but what if you lose the digital images? If your laptop crashes or your memory card gets erased, you might be out of luck. 
  • Documentation: Everyone knows how easy it is to misplace paperwork like receipts and insurance statements. Unfortunately, if you don't have access to documents like police reports and co-pay receipts, your attorney might have to spend a lot of time gathering evidence before he or she can begin working on your case.

To avoid problems, make an appointment with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer might even be able to make a special trip to your hospital or physical therapy center so you can get the ball rolling.  

2: Your Lawyer Can Guide Your Actions

If you haven't been in a car accident before, you might find yourself in uncharted territory. As you hobble around your house doped up on pain medications, you might become overwhelmed with phone calls from insurance companies and trips to the doctor. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to know what to say or do as you struggle through recovery.

However, an attorney can guide your actions, so that you don't unintentionally complicate your own case. Here are a few things your lawyer might advise you to do:

  • Seek Proper Medical Care and Track Treatments: Which doctor should you use? Which receipts should you keep? Your lawyer can talk with you about how to document your medical care so that you can seek compensation for your injuries.
  • Stop Talking With Insurance Adjusters: That friendly insurance adjuster might seem nice, but why is he asking you all of those personal questions? The goal of most insurance adjusters is to reduce the total sum of the settlement. To make things easier for you, your attorney might field calls from your insurance company and the other party.
  • Use Sick and Personal Days Properly: Why should you have to use your sick or personal days from work for an accident that wasn't your fault? Because your personal days are your assets, your attorney might advise you to track your days off or seek paperwork from your employer.

In addition to helping you to know what to do and what to say, your attorney can also act as a support to you during your time of need. Ask your lawyer how they plan to help, and don't be afraid to let them take the reins.  

By working with an attorney early, you might be able to avoid undue hassles and get the financial settlement you deserve. Go to sites for personal injury law firms for more information.