Divorce And Social Media: 3 Essential Tips For Anyone Separating

Social media plays a huge role in everyday life. After all, it allows you to connect with people all over the globe. Unfortunately, sharing personal information online is often a bad idea. This is especially true for couples going through a divorce. While venting about your feelings and/or ex-spouse online might make you feel better, it could really come back to hurt you.

So how should you handle social media during a divorce? Here are three essential tips:

1. Keep Quiet

Keeping quiet during your divorce proceedings is probably the best tip available. This might seem odd in today's ever-connected world, but keeping quiet (or completely avoiding) social media is essential. Divorce is tough, and you might want to vent to your family and friends. Unfortunately, when you do this, you are venting to everyone online. This means that your ex-spouse and the court can see it. So to avoid accidentally hurting your case, try to abstain from social media for the duration of your divorce.

If you absolutely cannot avoid social media, make sure you keep quiet about your divorce. Do not post anything relating to your divorce, the case itself, or your ex-spouse.

2. Monitor Tagged Images

Another helpful tip is to monitor your tagged images and photos. A picture is worth and a thousand words, so make sure that you monitor any and all photos you are tagged in. A seemingly simple and innocent photo could be twisted to hurt you. For example, a photograph of you toasting a friend or family member could be twisted into saying you're an alcoholic. This is especially bad if you are going through a child custody hearing during your divorce. So be careful and monitor what images you are tagged in – at least until the divorce is over and finalized.

3. Update Privacy Settings

Finally, take some time to look over and update your privacy settings. Technology is constantly changing and this includes privacy settings. Ensure that all of your social media profiles have the highest privacy setting possible. This will limit the information that others can see.

In addition, consider updating the friends on your profiles. If there are people on your friends lists that prefer your spouse or are taking their side, you might want to remove them. In addition, consider removing anyone you don't know personally. This will keep your profiles much safer from peeking eyes.

While social media has been integrated in everyday life, it must be used carefully. If you are going through a divorce, consider using these social media tips to ensure that you don't accidentally hurt yourself or your case. As a general rule, if you are in doubt, do not post it. Talk to your divorce attorney for more advice.