Turning The Wheels On Common Misconceptions About Auto Accident Cases

Auto accidents are an expected risk that come along with being a regular driver. Most individuals will have at least three or four auto accidents throughout their lifetime. However, most drivers expect certain things to happen when they are involved in an accident. For example, you may expect that your insurance will kick in and fully pay for your damages. Unfortunately, where auto accidents are concerned, things don't always go as expected. As a result of so many different misconceptions and myths floating around among the general public, drivers involved in accidents are often ill-prepared to take the correct steps. Take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about auto accident cases and the real facts you need to know. 

Misconception: There are some situations when it is always clear who was at fault during an accident.

Fact: You may think that your auto accident was pretty straightforward, without a doubt of who was at fault. Unfortunately, this train of thought immediately after an accident can lead you to make some pretty big mistakes, such as not taking the time to gather witness information or take pictures, assuming this will be unnecessary. Even accidents that are commonly thought to always be the other driver's fault, such as rear-end collisions, are not always as straightforward as expected. 

Misconception: You can only file a claim against another person's insurance company, not your own.

Fact: Say you are involved in an accident that only involves you and your vehicle, and you have what you believe to be full-coverage insurance. When your insurance provider gives you an offer, it is far less than enough to cover the costs of repairs to your vehicle. Many insurance customers will assume they have no choice but to accept this offer. However, you can just as easily bring up a suit against your own insurance company as you can someone else's. 

Misconception: Making sure you get the police report after an accident is really all you need to do to prove what happened. 

Fact: The police report is definitely an important part of your claim and will be taken into consideration. However, just this alone may not be enough evidence to prove what happened during the accident. It is best to contact an attorney, such as Loughlin Fitzgerald P C, immediately after a car accident so that they can help you obtain as much necessary and useful evidence as possible regarding your claim.