Several Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Myths That May Mislead Victims

When it comes to personal injury claims, people will often assume that this is limited to car wrecks, slip and falls as well as other routine accidents. However, it is a reality that individuals can also suffer serious injury if their doctor is negligent in the admission of their treatment. Yet, misinformation regarding medical malpractice can lead individuals to avoid taking action when they have been a victim of this type of negligence.

Myth: Medical Malpractice Cases As Always Frivolous

There is an assumption among some individuals that a medical malpractice lawsuit will always be frivolous. Yet, it is important for victims to realize that there are strike standards and practices in place that doctors must follow. When they deviate from the accepted standard of care, it is important for them to be held accountable as this can have profound impact on the lives of those that they are treating.

Myth: Only Doctors Can Be Liable In Medical Malpractice Cases

Another frequent belief when it concerns medical malpractice is that only the doctor can be held liable. However, it is important to observe that there may be many individuals that are involved with administering the care. For example, there will likely be nurses and other support staff members that may assist in your treatment. In situations where these individuals are negligent in executing their responsibility to care for their patient, they may be included in this type of lawsuit. Your attorney can provide guidance as to the parties that will be named in the lawsuit during your initial consultation.

Myth: Other Doctors Will Refuse To Treat You If You File A Malpractice Lawsuit

While patients may have suffered serious injuries or complications as a result of the doctor's medical malpractice, they may have worries about filing a lawsuit due to a belief that other doctors will refuse to provide them with treatment. Fortunately, this is not a fear that patients should have as these proceedings will be fairly discreet, and it is extremely unlikely that other physicians would learn of your lawsuit.

If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, it is important to have a thorough understanding about the realities of pursuing justice in these matters. Understanding that medical malpractice claims are not always frivolous, that these cases are not limited to doctors and that other doctors will still treat you after filing this type of lawsuit will enable you to protect yourself against these consequences. For more information, contact a firm such as Shaevitz Shaevitz & Kotzamanis.