When A DUI Lawyer Cannot Help You: Knowing When Your Choices Have Left You Behind

In many situations where you chose to drink and drive, a DUI lawyer can help. First offenses are the equivalent to a court warning. The law makes you want to pay attention to what you have done and then, hopefully, you decide not to do it again. If you do get another DUI, a lawyer may still be able to help you. So, when can a DUI lawyer no longer be of help to you? Let's take a look.

Second and Third DUI Offence

At this point, you are walking a short cliff. Your lawyer can still help reduce the charges, but you will be faced with harsher and harsher sentences as deemed by the laws in your state. By the third offense and a series of monetary punishments and restrictions on your personal liberty, you should try to clean up. It does not get easier from here.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Offence

The court begins to lose patience with those who have come this far with DUI records. At this point, the judge may assume that you have an alcohol and/or substance abuse problem. If you have not entered a rehab facility, the judge may be lenient enough to order you into a program. The only other option for the judge is to to send you to jail for several months to a few years. Your lawyer can only tweak this punishment by requesting that you be allowed out of jail for good behavior and compliance with a drug and alcohol program while in jail.

All Offence from the Seventh and Beyond

At this point, you are still entitled to free legal representation, but do not expect any more "free passes." Your record speaks for itself, and a judge is very unlikely to offer you leniency. It is also very likely that you have now committed a major crime, such as vehicular assault, vehicular manslaughter, and/or property damage. If that is the case, your DUI hearings will cross over into criminal court. A criminal defense lawyer will be needed to defend you in these much harsher DUI cases.

When the Judge Locks You up and Throws away the Key

After all of the chances your lawyer managed to get you, and all of the reductions in punishment, if you still have not corrected your ways, the judge will lock you up and throw away the key. This is especially true if you maimed or killed anyone, got out of prison, and did it again. Do not let things get that far. Take the extra chance you are given with your first or second DUI, and turn your life around. Otherwise, your DUI lawyer will eventually be unable to help you.

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