Facing Your First DUI? What You Need To Know

Are you facing your first ever DUI? If so, it will be a very scary situation for you. You most likely have questions and concerns about what kind of penalties and fines you could be responsible for, and if you need professional help to get you through the ordeal. While every DUI case is unique in its own way, here are some key detailed you should know about how you will be treated as a first time offender.

Your License Can Be Taken Away

A common misconception with a first time DUI offender is that they assume their license will not be taken away. While laws are different between states, it is common for licenses of first-time offenders to be suspended.

That is why you should prepare yourself for not having a license, and the hardships it can bring with it. You may be able to submit an application for permission to drive for essential purposes, such as getting to work, school, or the doctor. Keep in mind that driving for an unapproved reason will result in facing bigger consequences for your actions.

Your Insurance Will Be Affected

If convinced of a DUI, you'll have an official criminal record that will follow you wherever you go. Your auto insurance provider will be contacted and told about the conviction, which can cause your auto insurance rates to increase as a result. It is also possible that the insurance company sees you as too big of a risk, and decides to drop your insurance coverage completely.

Your Future Employment Can Be Affected

Chances are that your current job will not change depending on where you work. Employers are not automatically notified of a conviction, and things should remain the same for now. However, you may have problems applying for another job in the future if a background check is done. This will greatly impact your ability to be hired for a new job that will require you to drive, especially a vehicle owned by the company. You'll be deemed as a high insurance risk and not worth taking a chance on.

Your DUI Lawyer Can Help

For a case like this, it's always best to have a lawyer on your side fighting for you. Hire a local lawyer that specializes in defending clients in DUI cases. They have the experience to help ensure that your case has a favorable result.

With these 4 things in mind, you should now know what to expect if facing a DUI. To learn more, visit a website like http://dlplawyers.com/.