Let’s Get Started: Meeting Your New Personal Injury Attorney

Your recent accident may have left you hurt and confused, but a meeting with a car accident lawyer will have you feeling better in no time. To get the most out of that important first meeting you should show up prepared. Read on to find out what to bring to the meeting and what questions to expect from your new lawyer.

Gather the following pieces of information, make copies, and take them with you to your appointment.

Injury-related information:

  • Contact information for the ambulance service.
  • Name and address of all hospitals or urgent care clinics and of every doctor or facility that has treated you (don't forget about diagnostic facilities, labs, physical therapy clinics, etc.).
  • A list of all medications prescribed, both past and current.
  • A list of all medical treatments and tests, including dates.
  • All medical bills and receipts.

Insurance information:

  • A copy of the information for your insurance policy, including policy numbers and contact information (you will need your coverage information, such as the dollar amounts they would pay for accidents).
  • The insurance information for the at-fault driver, including their name, number, and carrier name.

Lost wages:

  • A pay stub or a letter from your payroll or human resources office at your job with information on your hourly pay or your salary; for self-employed victims, you should provide a copy of your last federal tax return.
  • A list of all time missed from work to date because of the injury.


  • A copy of the police or accident report.
  • A copy of any traffic citations issued to either you or the other driver as a result of the accident.


  • Photos.
  • Videos or information about any nearby cameras.
  • Eye-witness contact information.

What your lawyer will be asking you

Your lawyer will need to evaluate your case and let you know whether or not you have a good case and also whether or not they will be representing you.

1. How are you doing physically at this time?

2. How much pain have you experienced, and how much pain are you experiencing at the present?

3. What have the doctors told you about your injuries? Are more surgeries or treatments in your future?

4. Have you spoken to any other lawyers or any insurance companies (either your carrier or their carrier) about this case? If so, what have you said?

5. Can you explain how the accident happened?

6. What correspondence have you received from the other driver or their insurance company?

7. Speak about any past accidents

8. Do you have health insurance?

You are entitled to be paid several forms of money damages so speak to an attorney today.