Safety And Security During Office Parties

During office parties such as those held during the holidays, many employees let themselves go and expose themselves to risks they wouldn't normally face. Unfortunately, that may lead to business damages or even employee injuries, both of which are bad for business. For example, a fire outbreak can burn down the office if party attendees are left to smoke anywhere they fancy. Here are a few tips to help you maintain safety and security during office parties.

Choose a Safe Venue

Your choice of venue has a big influence on how safe your office party will be. Note that you can either hold the party in the office or outside the office; what matters is that the venue is safe. For example, if you are late with booking and all the safe venues have been booked, its best to play it safe by holding the party in your office. At the same time, it's dangerous to hold a holiday party in the workplace if it's filled with dangerous materials or chemicals.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Whichever venue you choose for the party, you need to carry out a risk assessment for it; that way you get to know the potential risks to expect. That way you can come up with effective ways for mitigating the risks. For example, if there is a swimming pool in the venue, you must ensure that there will be enough lifeguards at hand to help those who might get injured during the party.

Avoid Extremes                                                                                                  

In as much as you want your workers to make merry during the party, you shouldn't allow extreme behaviors or activities that increase the risk of damage or injury. Allowing firework competitions, for example, may encourage irresponsible behavior that may end up in your workers burning down the venue or injuring themselves.

Remind Employees of Safety Policies

Your business obviously has safety policies that workers are expected to adhere to in the workplace. It's advisable to remind your employees about these policies or rather the ones that will still apply during the party. For example, if smoking is not allowed in the office, remind your employees that they will still not be able to smoke during the party if it is being held in the office.

Have Designated Monitors

Although some people think that only minors (think school dances) require monitoring, even adults require monitoring at parties, especially if alcohol is served. Therefore, have some designated monitors that can ensure intoxicated workers don't get behind the wheel or drunk people don't get any more alcohol.

Lastly, if you are injured at your company party, you may want to consult with a workers comp attorney to make sure that you are fairly compensated during your recovery.