Steps To Take With Your Executor Regarding All Of Your Professional Advisers

Upon your death, the executor of your estate will suddenly get a significant amount of work dropped onto his or her plate. When you've met with a probate attorney like David R Webb Attorney to draft up documents to choose an executor, it's important to then spend as much time as is needed to get your executor comfortable with the process of dealing with your affairs. One important task is to make your executor aware of all of the professional advisers that are present in your life. When you pass, the executor's job will be much easier when it's clear who these people are. Here are some steps that you can take in this manner.

List All Names And Duties

Among the important paperwork to which your executor should have access is a comprehensive list of every professional adviser in your life. First and foremost will be your probate attorney, but others on this list should include your accountant, your financial adviser, your real estate agent, and other professional people of this nature. List each of them and write exactly what they do for you. You should also include their phone numbers and email addresses. Upon your death, this list will be a helpful reference for your executor, who will need to contact each person for various reasons.

Arrange Meetings With Them

Providing the above list is the bare minimum that you should do when you're working on your estate planning. To go above and beyond, it's ideal if you can set up a short meeting for you, your executor, and each professional adviser on your list. Your executor will feel more comfortable about future dealings with each of these people if he or she has a chance to meet them with you in advance. Additionally, these meetings can serve as a suitable time for your executor to ask any questions or obtain any clarification about your affairs that he or she needs.

Give Your Insight

It doesn't hurt to give your executor some insight on each of your professional advisers so that his or her job is easier once you pass away. Leaving some notes on your list document can be a useful way to convey this information. For example, you could write how your accountant is helpful, but can sometimes need a couple of phone calls to be reminded to get documents back to you in a timely manner. This level of instruction will prepare your executor for these future dealings.