Three Reasons To Hire An Attorney To Get You Out Of Your Modeling Contract

If you're new to the world of modeling, signing a contract with a modeling agency can be an early highlight of your career. Your contract will ideally bring you steady work, and even if you're relying on a day job to pay the bulk of your bills for now, you'll appreciate hearing about new gigs from your agency. As the months progress, things might not seem as encouraging as they once did, and this can lead you to look for work elsewhere. The problem is that because you're signed to one agency, you might not be able to do modeling work for a different agency. It's time to hire an attorney who specializes in helping models break free from their current contracts. Here are some reasons that you might need to do so.

Lack Of Consistent Work

Your modeling work might have been steady when you first signed up with the agency, but you may be going longer and longer between phone calls. When you're serious about modeling, you know that keeping busy is one of the best things for your career — but this might be impossible if you're bound to an agency that doesn't give you consistent work. This is a scenario in which you may want to hire an attorney to help you get out of your current contract.

A Better Opportunity

New models are frequently eager to sign up with modeling agencies, even if the terms of the contract aren't always in their favor. You might have been desperate for work in the past, but as you've built your portfolio and name in the industry, more people may be reaching out to you about work. If you don't feel as though your agency is offering the best opportunities for the advancement of your career, an attorney can help you to end the contract so that you can sign elsewhere.

Inappropriate Relations

Models are sometimes subject to inappropriate behavior from various people within the industry. For example, a senior representative at a modeling agency might suggest that a model could get more work if he or she were to provide sexual favors. Should you face an inappropriate advance of this nature, it's highly probable that your view of the agency will be significant diminished and that you'd be unwilling to model for the agency again in the future. This is another time to get an attorney on your side so that you can move forward.

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