Some Car Accident Injuries Do Not Show Up Immediately

After you have been involved in an accident, you may feel that you were lucky and that you managed to avoid any injuries. However, just because you haven't detected any injuries yet doesn't mean that you aren't suffering from one that you may eventually need treatment for. It's important to understand how much time could pass before you may finally experience the repercussions of an injury.

Head Injuries

While some head injuries are immediately apparent, other injuries may not be obvious until hours or even days after the injury. You may begin to notice dizziness, sleep disturbances, headaches, and sensitivity to light or sound. If this is the case, you'll want to seek medical treatment and also speak with a car accident attorney about whether you should pursue legal action.

Back Injuries

You may not notice that you have suffered a back injury until day or weeks after the accident. Your injury can worsen over time and can affect your mobility. You may find it difficult to maintain a job due to your reduced mobility, and you may need to speak with an attorney about receiving compensation for lost wages and future lost wages. 

Internal Bleeding

You may be bleeding internally for several days after your car accident without noticing any symptoms. Then, you may begin to experience dizziness, pain, and bruises. You will also be likely to suffer from internal organ damage if you have internal bleeding. The symptoms will depend on the type of organ damaged.

A common type of internal injury is "seat belt syndrome." This is when the seatbelt causes abdominal pain. While your seatbelt can save your life, you will want to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Bone Fractures

A car accident is a common situation where you might suffer a bone fracture. Many bone fractures are immediately apparent. However, some bone fractures can lead to symptoms that only appear a few days after the accident. 

The challenge of these types of injuries is that the insurance provider of the other motorist may pressure you to quickly accept a settlement. Instead, you will want to wait until you know the full extent of your injuries. The best way to communicate with an insurance adjuster is through a car accident lawyer. Then, you can make sure that you do not say anything that might jeopardize your case.