3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Free Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Consultation

Most workers' compensation lawyers offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your case. What this means for you is that you truly have nothing to lose by choosing to reach out to an attorney regarding your case. However, if you want to get the most out of your consultation, it is best to take some time to prepare before meeting with the lawyer. This can be very important since your initial consultation allows both you and the lawyer to make a decision regarding your desire to move forward with your case. The three tips below can help to ensure you are well prepared for this important meeting.

Tip #1: Be Sure To Return Any Questionnaires The Lawyer Sends You

More and more workers' compensation attorneys have begun sending out questionnaires to potential clients prior to their free consultation. The purpose of these questionnaires is to gather some basic information regarding the case the attorney will be considering. By collecting this information before the consultation, the attorney is able to ensure they are prepared to offer solid advice that is specific to the case at hand. If your workers' compensation attorney has sent you any questionnaires or requested any documentation in advance of your consultation, you will want to make sure you take the time to get this information to them as quickly as possible. 

Tip #2: Collect All Medical Documentation You May Have

Your free consultation with a workers' compensation lawyer is your opportunity to prove that your case has merit. This is very important since a reputable attorney will not agree to take on your case unless they believe that the case has merit. One of the most effective ways to do this is to provide the attorney with as much documentation as possible regarding your claim. This documentation can include statements from your doctor, discharge paperwork from the hospital, and statements from your employer regarding your injuries. If you do not have this documentation in hand, you will want to make a list of all doctors you have seen for your injuries and their contact information. This will allow the attorney to reach out in search of the documentation they need to properly evaluate your case.

Tip #3: Take The Time To Write Your Questions Down

Chances are you have quite a few questions that you want to ask during your free workers' compensation lawyer consultation. In order to ensure you do not forget any of these questions once you have the opportunity to ask them, it is best to take the time to write all of your questions down prior to meeting with an attorney. Creating a case-related notebook or a memo on your smartphone will provide you with a convenient place to write all of your questions down as soon as they come to you. 

For more information on free workers' compensation lawyer consultations, contact a local workers' compensation attorney.