Double-Dipping: Repeated Bankruptcy Filings

When your financial troubles just never seem to quit, you may need to consider filing for bankruptcy a second time. While you may have hoped to never again be in that particular situation, it can happen. High medical bills, misuse of credit and lack of savings can play havoc with the best laid financial plans. There are no real rules about the number of times you may file for bankruptcy in a lifetime, but there are some time constraints to be aware of, so read on to learn more about the timing of any repeated filings: Read More 

How To End A Marriage With It Being Complicated

Did you develop feelings for someone and decided to propose marriage after only a short period of dating? If the fast marriage resulted in frequent conflicts due to you learning things about your spouse that were not evident before, getting divorced might be a good idea. You might actually be able to end the marriage without the divorce process being complicated, especially if no kids are involved. A marriage that isn't complicated can usually be resolved without having to pay a large amount of legal fees. Read More 

Several Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Myths That May Mislead Victims

When it comes to personal injury claims, people will often assume that this is limited to car wrecks, slip and falls as well as other routine accidents. However, it is a reality that individuals can also suffer serious injury if their doctor is negligent in the admission of their treatment. Yet, misinformation regarding medical malpractice can lead individuals to avoid taking action when they have been a victim of this type of negligence. Read More 

Turning The Wheels On Common Misconceptions About Auto Accident Cases

Auto accidents are an expected risk that come along with being a regular driver. Most individuals will have at least three or four auto accidents throughout their lifetime. However, most drivers expect certain things to happen when they are involved in an accident. For example, you may expect that your insurance will kick in and fully pay for your damages. Unfortunately, where auto accidents are concerned, things don't always go as expected. Read More 

Protecting Yourself And Your Rights After A Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, even a minor one, there are things that you will need to deal with and costs that will have to be covered. Sometimes it is hard to determine who is at fault and where those bills should go. If you truly believe you are not at fault and the accident report does not clearly define the fault or cause of the accident, hiring a car accidents lawyer to help sort it all out might be the best solution. Read More