Will Your Dog Require You To Face A Personal Injury Lawyer?

As the weather changes and more people get back to outdoor exercising and activities, there are perils they may not realize they face. One of these perils is any loose dogs that may be in the area. Even dogs who may not normally be aggressive, have been known to bite if they perceive danger from someone entering their territory. Unfortunately, the danger they think they perceive may be your neighbors who are out for an evening walk or run. Read More 

Filing For Bankruptcy? 2 Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Case

When you are in the midst of financial turmoil, it isn't always easy to see the light. In addition to dealing with personal guilt, you might also have a hard time answering calls from bill collectors and family members. In an effort to make things right, you might be thinking about declaring bankruptcy. Unfortunately, a bad decision or two could alter your ability to discharge your debt. Here are two mistakes that could destroy your case, and how you can streamline the process: Read More 

Hurt In A Motorcycle Accident? 2 Reasons You Need A Specialized Lawyer

As a motorcyclist, nothing is more terrifying than being involved in an accident—especially if you know that it wasn't your fault. To make things right, you might be tempted to work with the first personal injury attorney you can find. Unfortunately, some lawyers are better prepared to argue these special cases than others are. Here are two reasons you need to work with a specialized motorcycle accident attorney: 1: Damages Are Typically Much Higher Read More 

Hurt In A Car Accident? 2 Reasons You Should Talk With A Personal Injury Attorney

After being involved in a traumatic accident, you might be more concerned about dealing with your injuries and taking care of your family than you are about seeking justice. To let things settle down, you might be tempted to let the insurance company handle the situation, while you focus on other things. However, sitting around while your financial fate is decided might not work in your favor. Here are two reasons you should talk with a personal injury attorney: Read More 

Involved In A Bad Accident? 3 Things You Should Give To Your Lawyer

Nothing is worse than dealing with the aftermath of a bad car accident. In addition to working through your own recovery, you might be forced to deal with unplanned expenses and calls from pushy insurance adjusters. To make things right, you might be thinking about working with a car accident attorney to file a lawsuit. Here are three things that you need to give to your lawyer, so that he or she can start shaping your case: Read More