What Happens If You Are Injured Or Made Ill During An International Cruise?

Taking a cruise can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially once you venture outside the United States into international waters. However, with recent news coverage of cruise ship disasters -- including the 2012 engine fire that left passengers stranded on the ship for 5 days before returning to shore -- you may be concerned about the options you have if you are injured or made ill while taking a cruise. Read on to learn more about how cruise ship accidents, injuries, and illnesses are treated under U. Read More 

Effectively Disputing Fault Accusations In Traffic Accidents

When an accident occurs, the first order of business—after making sure everyone is okay—is to determine who or what caused the accident. This is not always a straightforward process, and sometimes people are accused of being in the wrong when they weren't. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tactics you can take to defend against having the blame for an accident pinned on you. Break Out the Driver's Manual Read More 

Financing Your Living Expenses While Your SSD Is Pending

Applying for social security disability benefits is a procedure that stretches over time. Indeed, not only do you have to submit your application, but you must also wait for a verdict to be made on your case. On average, the waiting period for an SSD application ranges from one month to two years. Wait times vary widely because each application has its own features, and the review process must be thoroughly conducted before any feedback is given. Read More 

Divorced Military Parents: Gather These Signatures For Your Third-Party Family Care Plan

Are you a divorced parent in the military who has custody? Are you working on a third-party family care plan to go into effect in the event that you are deployed? If so,make sure that you gather the below three signatures -- your custody rights may depend on it.  Ex-Spouse's Agreement Of Third-Party Custody If your plans are to leave your child with a third-party relative in the event that you are deployed, you must have your ex-spouse's court-witnessed written consent to do so. Read More 

Hire A Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Who Goes To Bat To Ensure You Receive Fair Compensation

Some insurance companies are generally uncooperative when clients have been in a car accident. They find it difficult to provide fair compensation to their clients in Chicago, and this is a common practice in the insurance industry throughout the United States. A Chicago car accident lawyer knows how to navigate through unfair practices and provides fair compensation to their clients. Reckless Drivers Shun Road Rules As you struggle emotionally and physically to come to terms with what has happened to you, bear in mind always that even though all Chicago Illinois drivers are governed by the same road rules you abide by, there will always be drivers who operate their vehicles in dangerous ways that leave not only themselves at risk but specifically leaves everyone else who honor the rules at risk. Read More