Using Negligence Per Se To Claim Injury Damages From A Landlord

As a tenant, you can use ordinary negligence laws to hold your landlord responsible for your injuries if you can prove that the landlord owed you a duty of care, breached the duty, and the breach caused your injury. In typical landlord-caused injuries, it means that you have to prove that the landlord knew a dangerous condition existed, didn't fix the danger, and it caused your injury. The legal principle of negligence per se, however, allows you to pursue your claims without proving that your landlord knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. Read More 

Things To Know About Your State’s Divorce Law

Every state handles divorce a little bit differently. Be sure to ask your lawyer about these aspects of divorce law in your state.  Is it a Fault-Based State? The biggest thing to know right off the bat is whether your state recognizes fault-based marriages or not. In a fault-based state, the judge may rule that the divorce was caused by a particular spouse's actions. That can have a big impact on how assets are awarded or even how custody is handled. Read More 

Alternatives To Leaving Money To A Charity In Your Will

If you have been thinking about your funeral planning options, you may have thought about leaving money to a charity in your will. This can seem like a good idea if you are passionate about your charity of choice, and it can be a noble option. However, there are some great alternatives to leaving money to a charity in your will. These are some of the other options that you may want to look into. Read More 

Want To Dissolve Or Leave Your Business? What Will You Need To Consider?

Whether you've had an emotional falling out with your business partner or are ready to retire and want to be bought out, dissolving or transferring your ownership in a business can be a complicated process. While it's important to seek legal advice whenever pursuing this step for your own business, knowing some of the basics can help you be more efficient when discussing your options with counsel. Read on to learn more about the logistics of dissolving a business or requesting a buyout of your share by your partner(s), as well as how you may want to handle some of the additional issues that may come up during your exit process. Read More 

Divorce And Social Media: 3 Essential Tips For Anyone Separating

Social media plays a huge role in everyday life. After all, it allows you to connect with people all over the globe. Unfortunately, sharing personal information online is often a bad idea. This is especially true for couples going through a divorce. While venting about your feelings and/or ex-spouse online might make you feel better, it could really come back to hurt you. So how should you handle social media during a divorce? Read More