Divorce And Social Media: 3 Essential Tips For Anyone Separating

Social media plays a huge role in everyday life. After all, it allows you to connect with people all over the globe. Unfortunately, sharing personal information online is often a bad idea. This is especially true for couples going through a divorce. While venting about your feelings and/or ex-spouse online might make you feel better, it could really come back to hurt you. So how should you handle social media during a divorce? Read More 

Need Bail Bond Services? Understand These Three Things

The strain of being arrested can mean that you're unable to think things through clearly. Enlisting a relative or family friend to help you find the right bail bond services company is a smart idea because they might be able to think more clearly about the process. However, it's vital that everyone involved understand the following information so that there aren't surprises or further legal issues to deal with. Your Freedom May Not Be Immediate Read More 

Tips for Seeking Visitation Rights of a Grandchild

If your son or daughter had a child with their spouse, but the couple is not together, you may never get to see this child – your grandchild. This can be sad and hard for grandparents, but there might be something you can do about it. Here are several steps you may want to take to try to obtain visitation rights for this child. Talk to the custodial parent of the child Read More 

Veterans, Can Your Condition Be Compensated?

Transitioning to a civilian lifestyle can be hard if your adult life began in the military, and even harder if you're recovering from injuries or other conditions. Military service is filled with mishaps and hazardous situations that may seem manageable when you're younger, but as soon as you leave the high-paced or "get it done" nature of the service, many of those conditions can get in the way of any kind of work or pleasure. Read More 

Trouble Finding Housing? Watch Out For These Subtle Signs Of Housing Discrimination

A story involving blatant housing discrimination was covered by a major news operation in Columbus, Ohio recently. The landlord, who was recorded while talking on the phone, spouted very racist comments in regards to the type of people he wanted living in and working in his houses. Among many other horrific things, he said, "I need white tenants, that's my absolute stipulation." If housing discrimination were always this blatant, it would be easy to put an end to the problem. Read More