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Slip-And-Fall On Government Property: What You Should Know

A slip and fall might not seem like such a big deal, but it can be under the right circumstances. If a slip and fall accident causes you serious injury, then there is a chance that someone can be held financially responsible. But the big question surrounding that premise is "who?" In many cases, that "who" turns out to be a government entity, whether municipal, state or even federal. The following offers more information on filing a slip-and-fall lawsuit against government agencies. Read More 

Hire A Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Who Goes To Bat To Ensure You Receive Fair Compensation

Some insurance companies are generally uncooperative when clients have been in a car accident. They find it difficult to provide fair compensation to their clients in Chicago, and this is a common practice in the insurance industry throughout the United States. A Chicago car accident lawyer knows how to navigate through unfair practices and provides fair compensation to their clients. Reckless Drivers Shun Road Rules As you struggle emotionally and physically to come to terms with what has happened to you, bear in mind always that even though all Chicago Illinois drivers are governed by the same road rules you abide by, there will always be drivers who operate their vehicles in dangerous ways that leave not only themselves at risk but specifically leaves everyone else who honor the rules at risk. Read More