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Steps To Take With Your Executor Regarding All Of Your Professional Advisers

Upon your death, the executor of your estate will suddenly get a significant amount of work dropped onto his or her plate. When you've met with a probate attorney like David R Webb Attorney to draft up documents to choose an executor, it's important to then spend as much time as is needed to get your executor comfortable with the process of dealing with your affairs. One important task is to make your executor aware of all of the professional advisers that are present in your life. Read More 

Safety And Security During Office Parties

During office parties such as those held during the holidays, many employees let themselves go and expose themselves to risks they wouldn't normally face. Unfortunately, that may lead to business damages or even employee injuries, both of which are bad for business. For example, a fire outbreak can burn down the office if party attendees are left to smoke anywhere they fancy. Here are a few tips to help you maintain safety and security during office parties. Read More 

Discuss These Topics To Develop A Suitable Custody Schedule

Although there can be situations in a child custody case that the court decides how you and your ex-spouse will share custody, it's common for you to have the opportunity to make this decision yourselves. Even if you aren't on good speaking terms, you should appreciate the opportunity to have your say in how you'll approach the joint custody of your children. It's common to have the children spend 50 percent of their time with each of you, but this doesn't mean that the custody schedule is as simple as you having them for a week and then your ex-spouse having them for a week. Read More 

The Role Of Demonstrable Evidence At Trial

Filing a personal injury claim can be a great way to access the financial compensation you need to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Many personal injury cases are settled before they go to trial, but there is always the possibility your case will need to be decided by a judge and jury. Evidence plays a critical role in the success of any jury trial. In personal injury cases, a specific type of evidence known as demonstrable evidence will be required to win your case. Read More 

Let’s Get Started: Meeting Your New Personal Injury Attorney

Your recent accident may have left you hurt and confused, but a meeting with a car accident lawyer will have you feeling better in no time. To get the most out of that important first meeting you should show up prepared. Read on to find out what to bring to the meeting and what questions to expect from your new lawyer. Gather the following pieces of information, make copies, and take them with you to your appointment. Read More